Adoption Donation

NESSR does not have a minimum donation when it comes to adopting our dogs because we feel you can not put a price on a loving family companion and we do not "sell" our dogs.

NESSR like many other rescue organisations has seen an increase in our vet bills over the last few years dog neutering is now costing us from £80 to £200 per dog, depending on where in the country the dog is fostered and which vet they go to.

We are still dedicated to our neutering policy but we are also still reluctant to put a minimum donation on our dogs when they are adopted. However our vet bills can be a struggle particularly when we have a dog that needs extra special treatment and tests due to an underlying medical issue.

We try to ensure that every dog is neutered, vaccinated, wormed, flea'd and microchipped before it is rehomed. This is not always possible if there are medical reasons why a dog can not be neutered or vaccinated but this will be discussed with new owners prior to rehoming.

Neutering, Vaccinating, worming, flea treatment and microchipping costs us on average £150 to £200 per dog. Of course some dogs come in requiring further veterinary care and there are food bills etc.

Therefore we are asking people even more to please consider the cost to NESSR of rescuing a dog and to make sure that their donation reflects this.

We do expect a donation at the time of adoption, we can not accept promises of a donation to be sent on in the post as sadly we know that most of the time they never arrive.