NESSR Questions & Answers

What is NESSR?

Northern English Springer Spaniel Rescue (NESSR) is a specialist non-profit making breed rescue that has been running for over 30 years and is a kennel club registered rescue.

What does NESSR do?

We primarily rescue and rehome discarded, unwanted and neglected English Springer Spaniels. It is an unfortunate fact of life that whilst arguably among the most cuddly of puppies, some young Springers find their welcome disappears as fast as their youth. After Christmas, Cynthia Turvey of Springer rescue receives a nightmare number of calls from people whose puppy from Santa has turned into the dog from hell.

But it is not only the young who suffer. In today's modern society an increasing number of older dogs have to be rehomed due to their owners divorcing, losing their jobs, emigrating, or other such 21st century related problems.

Does NESSR just help Springer Spaniels?

Some of our volunteers have experience of other breeds like Cavi’s and Cockers. NESSR will helps other breeds of dogs when it has the capacity and expertise to do so.

Where is NESSR based?

NESSR does not own a rescue centre or kennels. All the dogs are looked after in our volunteers own homes. This enables us to get to know the dogs and assess them before they are rehomed.

NESSR works primarily in the North East of England, Yorkshire and Scotland. However NESSR endeavours to help any Springer in need regardless of geographical location, thanks to a network of dedicated volunteers we are able to rescue springers from pounds across the UK. If we are unable to help we will always try to find another rescue that can.

If you want to rehome one of our dogs you will need to be prepared to travel to meet the in their foster home. We do not deliver dogs or meet prospective homes part way. It is important you spend time getting to know the dog and meeting them in an environment, where they are relaxed and happy before committing to adopting them.

How do dogs come to NESSR?

The majority of dogs come directly to NESSR from their owners who are looking to rehome them due to a variety of reasons. NESSR also takes strays from pounds and occasionally helps other rescues when asked.

When owners hand over their dogs they are asked to sign a surrender form which means that the dog belongs to NESSR.

How does NESSR find new homes for the dogs?

Thanks to the growth of the internet NESSR puts the profiles of the dogs in it’s care on our forum and from time to time shares these on various social media and other forums. This means we get enquiries from all over the UK for our dogs. NESSR also has a long standing reputation in the North East and many people come back to NESSR looking for a new companion, when their NESSR springer passes over the bridge. We also get a lot of word of mouth recommendations. If you are not living in the North you will need to be prepared to travel to meet your potential new family member where they are being fostered.

What checks does NESSR carry out on new homes?

All new homes are thoroughly vetted. We carry out home checks, vet references and personal references.

When assessing a potential home we are looking for how that home will meet the needs of the springer in our care. What may suit one springer may not suit another so we will consider people who
• Work
• Have children
• Live in a flat
• Working dog homes

Does NESSR have an adoption agreement?

Yes, all new homes are asked to sign an adoption agreement. This means that should an owner be unable to look after the dog at any point in the future you MUST return the dog to NESSR. The agreement also states how we expect a dog to be treated and that it can not be used for dog fighting or breeding.

Does NESSR check up on dogs it rehomes?

Yes, most of the time NESSR dog owners keep in touch with the rescue, but we do try to keep in contact especially during the first few months a dog is homed. Our adoption agreement gives us the right to check up on a dog if we want to and also to remove a dog if we feel it is being mistreated. For this reason most of our dogs are rehomed in the North so that we are close by if there are any issues.

What is NESSR’s neutering policy?

NESSR neuters all dogs and bitches unless our vets feels it would be detrimental to their health. Puppies are homed with a strict neutering agreement which we do check up on.

Does NESSR ask for a set donation when people adopt a dog?

No, we do not believe you can put a price on a companion and family member. We are dedicated to our neutering policy but we are also reluctant to put a minimum donation on our dogs when they are adopted. 

We try to ensure that every dog is neutered, vaccinated, wormed, flea'd and microchipped before it is rehomed. This is not always possible if there are medical reasons why a dog can not be neutered or vaccinated but this will be discussed with new owners prior to rehoming.

Neutering, Vaccinating, worming, flea treatment and microchipping costs us on average £130 to £160 per dog. Of course some dogs come in requiring further veterinary care and there are food bills etc.

Therefore we are asking people even more to please consider the cost to NESSR of rescuing a dog and to make sure that their donation reflects this.

How does NESSR fund it’s work?

NESSR is a non-profit making organisation. We fund our work from
• Donations made when people adopt a dog
• Donations given by our supporters
• The sale of items made by volunteers
• Raffles and Tombolas
• The New NESSR Weather Lottery
• Online auctions and competitions on our Forum and other websites.

How is the money spent that is raised for NESSR?

100% of the money raised for NESSR goes towards the direct work of rescuing and rehoming dogs. All of our “staff” are volunteers. We do not have a rescue centre, volunteers look after the dogs in their own homes. We pay for food and veterinary treatment of all the dogs that come into NESSR’s care.

I want to know more about the work of NESSR who can I contact?

You can phone Cynthia Turvey on 01665 570400